No. G 40
Date Range: Attic, red-figured, around 410 BC
H. with lid 4, 5 cm, diameter 6 cm
Provenance: Attica, bought 1875

  • Lid of the Pyxis
  • Pyxis general view
  • Pyxis general view

Pyxides are circular vessels with a lid. They could be made of pottery, metal, stone, wood or ivory and appear in many different shapes. In ancient Greece they were used for the storage of jewelry or cosmetics. The pyxis of the collection of the University of Graz has a cylindrical shape and a flat lid without a knob. Carved letters can be found on the vessel and the lid. They were used to reunite the separate fired pieces. Only the lid is decorated. Illustrated is the bust of a woman. Her thick ringlets are tied together in the neck and she wears a broad ribbon. This ribbon was originally decorated with circles and triangles. As further jewelry she wears a slice with a jewelry stone on her ear.



DNP X (2001) 672–674 s. v. Pyxis (I. Scheibler)
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