No. G 25
Date Range: Campanian, 340-330 BC
H. 10,8 cm

  • Lid of a Lekanis general view
  • Lid of a Lekanis detail

On the lid Theseus is illustrated, slaying Minotaur under the protection of the goddess Athena. Each year seven Athenian boys and girls had to be taken as toll to Minotaur, who lived in the maze on the island Crete. The daughter of the King Minos, Ariadne (on the right), helped Theseus to find the way out, after killing the Minotaur, by giving him a ball of strings, which he followed to the exit of the maze. Athena (on the left) observes the fight sitting on a rock and gives the winner a victory-wreath. Behind Ariadne we can see the King Minos. A female figure, sitting on the rock, is possibly the personification of the island Crete, where this fight took place.



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