No. G 210
Date Range: Middle Cypriote I (approx. 1800-1600 BC), White Painted III-IV
H. 6 cm, Diam. 5.9 cm
Material: Pottery
Provenance: “Cyprus”, bought 1940

  • Cup. White Painted Ware
  • Cup. White Painted Ware
  • Cup. White Painted Ware
  • Cup. White Painted Ware
  • Cup. White Painted Ware

This handmade cup has a circular base, a rounded body and a funnel shaped mouth with a straight lip. The vertical handle broke off. The colour of the surface is pale-orange, the ornamental painting reddish brown. The shoulder, the belly and the foot of the vessel are decorated. The ornamental division of belly and base is typical for small-sized vessels of the White Painted Ware. This cup has no footprint and probably was hung up for storage. Thereby the ornamental painting on the bottom was seen.
The production of White Painted Pottery started at the end of Early Cypriote III and at the beginning of Middle Cypriote I (approx. 1900 BC). It reached its climax in Middle Cypriote II (approx. 1800- 1725 BC) and III (approx. 1725- 1600 BC) and faded away in Late Cypriote I (approx. 1600- 1450 BC). White Painted dominated the production of pottery on Cyprus in the middle Bronze Age. The vessel is coated with a whitish slip and decorated with reddish brown, brown and black lines, dull or shiny. The repertoire of shapes, which was taken over from the Red Polished Ware, has been enlarged and modified. This type of pottery has been very popular in the north and the east of the island, while monochrome ware was preferred in the west.



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